New Zealand Investment Co. Ltd. has been committed to Elco professional research and development of high-quality petrochemical and specialty chemical products, the production of industrial lubricant additives, petroleum energy-saving products, high-quality industrial lubricants and specialty chemical products. Which is located in Auckland, New Zealand Petroleum & Chemical Research Institute is a world authority on oil saving products R & D institutions.

Elco oil annually cast heavily in oil refining, energy use, synthetic additives and environmental aspects of energy-saving products such as research and development, research and production of additives for lubricants and also make their own oil production has first-class technology and products. In order to meet China's economic construction, Elco Petrochemical Corporation and China Petrochemical Corporation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences have a common joint venture projects, and efforts to support China's entry into WTO. Twenty-first century has just begun, attention to the Chinese market, Elco excellent product line of the company is entering China.
Industry In Mainland China Has A Direct Representative Users Are:

·Air conditioner, air conditioner compressor manufacturing industry
·Refrigerator, refrigerator compressor manufacturing industry
·Glass Manufacturing Industry
·Iron and steel manufacturing industries
·Ship manufacturing line, sailing transport
·Automobile manufacturing, transportation
·Ceramics, cement industry
·Textile Industry
·Power Industry
·Hardware, equipment manufacturing industry
·Petroleum and Chemical Industry
·China Railway Group