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We sincerely invite powerful agents from all over the world to join us to create a bright future and expand the market of ELCO products

Our company's ELCO oil products from New Zealand Elko Petrochemical are unique in subway construction (shield tail oil, foaming agent, polymer materials), high-precision oil filter, environmental protection additives, etc. The complete product line of high-grade food-grade lubricants can also provide a full set of equipment lubrication services for production enterprises

1. The basic conditions of the agent:

1. Must have all legal certificates to engage in business activities. The procedures are in compliance with relevant national laws and regulations.

2. Has strong leadership, organization and market operation ability, has the courage and confidence to start a business, and is committed to market development and sales of the lubricant industry. Ambitious people who are willing to grow and develop with "Ausrun" and ELCO brand and have future investment vision!

3. There is a certain scale of business premises, a certain sales channel and market network.

4. Engaged in lubricating oil and related industries for more than two years, has a good business reputation and integrity quality.

2. Business requirements:

1. In order to protect the interests of all customers, the company requires that it operates in the area specified in the contract, and no goods are allowed to be connected.

2. A reasonable sales plan and ordering plan should be formulated.

4. Pay attention to market information and timely feedback to the corporate headquarters, which is convenient for timely adjustment of the market operation plan of the headquarters to dealers.

5. Must promote the sales of products in line with the business philosophy of "customer first, service first".

6. In order to ensure the integrity of the sales network, it is necessary to fully ensure the timely delivery of customers and have a certain amount of inventory.

7. Assist each other in the work and life with the business manager assigned by the headquarters, and work together to start the sales network.