ELCO FNM 3100 多功能润滑喷剂

ELCO FNM 3100 多功能润滑喷剂
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ELCO FNM 3100 is suitable to be used for cleaning and lubricating lock stitch , ironlock gate guideway , window gate guideway , zipper , various ironmongery , bicycle chain , door hinge etc. .Eliminates and prevents door hinge , wheels etc. from horrible noise . Get rid  automobile distributor , smoke tray and other electrical apparatus system from humid air , make the engine and electrical apparatus recover operating . Releases rusted bolts and metal parts from rust . Protects metals from corrosion . Eliminates snow nivation , corrosing and Albany grease etc.

● Eliminating quickly horrible noise .
● Having strong permeability , can be permeated to corrosing place to release from rust . 
● Lubricating and protecting metal surface , non viscous impurities is remained .
● Removing moisture and forming an uninterrupted protecting film , to prevent rust going on .
● Lubricating and cleaning movable parts, to let the mounting and dismounting more convenient .  
● Improving conductibility of electrical circuit , start-up the damp engine .

● It contains non chloro-fluo-carbon (NO CFCs) , do no harm to ozonosphere .
● Non odour , if applying it at a narrow space , it will not make man felt uncomfortable

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