ELCO FNG GREASE WF food grade grease

ELCO FNG GREASE WF food grade grease
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ELCO Food Grease is white tasteless nontoxic complex aluminium base grease, can be in carelessly touch with food , and absolute in safety .

● Food preparing machine—Cannery and Package industry .
● Meat and birds and animals product preparing factery .
● Beverage factory .
● Can and bottle making factory .
● Machinery which needs cleaning and non dirts , such as textile mill etc..

● All raw material of this grease can be used to lubricating machine which is in carelessly touch with food .
● This grease contains antioxidant , it can prevent machine from corrosion caused by carelessly touching with fruits or foods which contains vegetable acid or salts . 
● This grease containsextreme pressure additive , which can reinforce antiwear and load characteristics of grease .
● Applied to plastic gear to produce vibration damping effect .
● Having good adhesiveness and not solved in water , it can’t be rinsed by water .
● No toxic gase produced under high temperature operating .

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