ELCO EP 长寿工业润滑脂

ELCO EP 长寿工业润滑脂
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ELCO LONGTERM Industrial Grease is one brownish green colour , multi-purpose industrial lithium base grease , and adds extreme pressure , antirust and antioxidant additives .

● It can protect bearing under heavy and vibrating load .
● It has strong water wash-out characteristics and is helpful to antirust of bearing .
● It has high drop point , and can prevent bleeding from bearing , extends maintenance term .
● Decreasing storage cost and simplifying lubricating schedule .

It is recommended to be used for multi-purpose lubricant , and heavy or vibrating load operation . Under humid or dry operating condition , this grease can demonstrate it’s effect to various extent . NLGI 0# and 1# Grease suits to be used especially for centralized lubrication system . 
It is suits to be used for paper machine or forming part , flattening part and binder rolls , printing machine flattening bearing , and casting film machine bearing . It also suit to be used for common brass and Babbitt roll bearing , rolling compacting machine screw and nut , guilloting shear , press , wire guilloting shear on steel gringing mill ,and other metal working application .It also suits to be used for large roller bearing on mining , construction and ship transportation equipments to operate under severe condition . 
NLGI 0# Grease suits to be used for lubrication of permanent all enclosed gear box , such as inclined gear box or for difficult access place operated smoke vent fan . Owing to lubricating oil is easy to bleed , so that it is not suit to use liquid lubricant .

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