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ELCO ST-LUBE Grease is used specially for shield tail seals of shield tunneling machine , being one of main fitting material of steel wire brush type shield tail of shield tunneling machine in tunneling construction with shield construction method . It plays main protecting role in sealing , resistance to water wash-out , lubricating , anticorrosion .

● It is not resolved in water , has good sealing performance , resists to high water pressure , and it can prevent infiltration of soil water and pressed pulp .
● It has good pumpability , can be injected by pump , applying is safe and convenient . 
● It has good expendability for concavo-convex face of ring plate north face , few adhered on ring plate .
● It has lubricating action for shield tail , and has an effect of anticorrosion and lessening wear on shield tail .
● This product has good stability , excellent adhesive performance .
● Non toxic , no odour , non contamination of ambient .

This grease is suitable for sealing between tail part of shield tunneling machine and arch tubing , so that prevents water etc. infitration into shield machine .

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