ELCO 868A (for expansion pipe bending) aluminum foil stamping forming lubricant

ELCO 868A (for expansion pipe bending) aluminum foil stamping forming lubricant
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ELCO FNB 868A punch oil is a type of volatile lubricating oil for stamping purposes that is formulated in accordance with the modern ideology for environmental protection, which requires that no pollution be generated to the environment and the atmosphere in processing aluminum alloy cooling fins (fins) for use on air conditioners and other heat conduction units. Furthermore, the lubricating oil requires no cleaning, and is nontoxic, pollution free and environmentally friendly.

It is mainly used in the processing of aluminum foil fins for use on heat exchangers of air conditioners and electric refrigerators. It is especially useful in applications in which no cleaning is allowed after processing.

◆ Excellent lubricity enables the lubricating oil film to separate the die from the work piece, thereby preventing contact between metal surfaces, reducing friction and wear and extending the service life of dies;
◆ Excellent cooling performance reduces heat caused by friction. In addition, the lubricating oil volatilizes easily during processing, which in turns realizes the cooling function on work pieces;
◆ Excellent volatility enables quick volatilization both at ambient temperatures and during processing, thereby leaving over no oil stains. Therefore, machined surfaces are not affected and clean use of lubricating oil is realized;
◆ As the lubricating oil has a high flash point, it can satisfy various processing conditions and is safe and reliable;
◆ The lubricating oil is stable when being stored or used. It contains no water, does not degenerate and can be stored for a long time;
◆ Use of the lubricating oil requires no cleaning and makes cleaning with a chlorinated solvent or an alkaline solvent unnecessary, which in turn will not do harm to the environment in this respect. This can also reduce the overall processing cost of products.
◆ No poison and no pollution,according with environmental protection.

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