ELCO FNB 801 EDM oil

ELCO FNB 801 EDM oil
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This oil is drastically refined with narrow fraction cutting from mineral oil . It has special feature of low viscosity , high flash point , good resistance to oxygen , good cooling and chip removal feature , odourless , nontoxic etc..

Type A is used for small type electric spark erosion machine and super precision machining.
Type B is used for medium , large type electric spark erosion machine and rough machining , precise machining .
Type C (synthetic type) is used even more for various electric spark erosion machine and various machining precision requirement , even more safety , long service life .

● High machining precision : This oil has good dielectric feature and cooling feature , easy to control discharge .
● Increasing productivity : This oil has excellent filterability and cooling characteristics , good chip removal feature , decreasing machine stop owing to frequently cleaning filter .
● Long service life : This oil has good resistance to oxygen , not easy to deteriorate
● Safety and low cost : Owing to it’s high flash point and small evaporability ,
● Improving operating environment : This oil no irritating odour , nontoxic , no irritant action to skin . Especially suits to NC electric machining machine tools in air-conditioning room .

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