ELCO FNB 872 silicon steel sheet stamping oil

ELCO FNB 872 silicon steel sheet stamping oil
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ELCO FNB 872 is blent with highly refined light distillate oil as base oil , and adds appropriate amount of oilness , extreme pressure additives .It is easy to volatilise ,no cleaning needs , meeting the environmental requirement , uses as silicon steel sheet pressing oil .

ELCO FNB 872 Silicon Steel Sheet Pressing Oil has good lubricity and volatility , decreases the friction and wear , and increase the service life of die , ensure the process quality of product .It is mainly used for cooling and lubricating of high speed pressing and punching process of silicon steel sheets .

◆ Good lubricity , there are formed a thin pressure-resistant film on the metal surface , to separate the nascent shear surface from the die working surface ,
◆ Good volatility , this oil is easy to volatilize , after the high temperature temper process of product , there will not adhere remainder slag , and not has effect on working surface , so that working in cleaning ambient .
◆ There has non stimulant odour .
◆ It is stable during storage and applying , non water are containing , non deterioration , thus can be stored for a long term .
◆ No needs to clean , omittes cleaning after processing , decreases the sum up production costs 

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