ELCO precision oil filter

ELCO precision oil filter
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It can filtrate water and impurity, and reuse the waste oil.

Function and Features

In one filtering operation, the oil is cleaned from NAS class 12(ISO 21/18) to NAS class 5-8 (ISO12/12~17/14). Precise alarm system is integrated with the filter paper cleaning to remind you to replace the filter element, ensuring the best filtering effects.

The filter paper is easy to clean & no loss will result from oil leakage.

The product can remove water, oxides & impurities above 0.1 μm in oil (less than 100PPM).

It will reduce the emission of waste oil & reduce environment pollution.

It will prevent equipment failure resulting from oil pollution.

Prolong the service life of the oil 3-5 times, reducing costs on the purchase of new oil and on the disposal of waste oil.

Prolong the service life of mechanical equipment and reduce maintence cost drastically.

Types of oil that can be filtered include: hydraulic oil, turbine oil, machine oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil, compressor oil, vacuum pump oil, non-water soluble cutting oil, electric discharge processing oil, electric insulating oil, internal combustion engine oil, synthetic oil, special oil, washing oil, spindle oil, transmission oil, and petroleum.

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