ELCO 463-1ST diesel combustion accelerator

ELCO 463-1ST diesel combustion accelerator
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ELCO 463 diesel fuel detergent additive is one of the novel generation Hi-Tech-Enviro energy saving products of ELCO Co. It is composed of catalyst, combustion promoter and hydro-oxygen atom group. By adding this additive into fuel , it will diffuse uniformly, and it’s active free-radical possesses catalytic reforming action for diesel fuel , and increases the heat value of fuel , and improves burning characteristic of fuel ,thus obtains environmental protection and energy saving dual prominent effects . This detergent additive is suitable to be applied for engines , boilers , ovens or furnaces which are burning with diesel fuel , and the prominent effects can be obtained especially for vehicles and ships

◆ Increasing the heating value of diesel fuel, raising heat energy, saving diesel fuel over 2%..
◆ Improving burning characteristic , decreasing exhaust dark gas smoke over 30%.
◆ Lowering the low temperature corrosion chance .
◆ Lowering exhausted gas particles, carbon forming , and SO2 , NOx etc. gas emission over 40% .
◆ Lowering equipments maintenance frequency and times.

Based on the variant mass of diesel fuel , the applying ratio of ELCO 463 diesel fuel detergent additive with diesel fuel is commonly variated for 1 / 1000-1 / 1500 of volumetric ratio. For diesel-powered vehicles, ships and diesel powerplant , The conventional applying ratio is 1 / 1000 of volumetric ratio. For diesel-fuel boilers and heating furnaces the ratio is lower than one .For obtaining optimal Enviro-fuel saving effect , please make inquiries of ELCO technicians .

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