Fuel grinder

Fuel grinder
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ELCO FUEL MILL can cut and mill fuel in fuel system , when it mounts in fuel system, it can cut carbon particle to less than 9μm . Let the smaller particle passes over oil purifier, so that the oil residue quantity will greatly degrees, and simultaneously burning acquires improved ., carbon laydown will decrease, thus lower the expense for machine parts maintenance .

ELCO FUEL MILL play a role in making the fuel fining, mass uniform, decreasing viscosity etc..It can clearly improve fuel oil especially heavy oil and inferior fuel oil burning performance, increase burning efficiency, realizes economical burning and cleaning burning of fuel oil, play a role in energy saving and decreasing contamination . This fuel mill has widely used for chemical, ships and vessels, ceramics, glass, metallurgical etc industrial .

◆ Construction is simple, stable and reliable performance, long service life .
◆ Cut asphalt to more fine particle, with mechanical cut way , has attained to lessen oil dreggy and improved burning, asphalt particle accepts magnetizing effort and friction force cutting to particle diameter less than 9μm .
◆ Promotes burning and improves deposition, lessen environmental contamination . owing to fuel being optimal atomized , fuel oil has thoroughly burned, and after fuel oil burned, the remained carbon ash also become more small, so that quantity of carbon laydown is remarkable lessened . 
◆ It has widely applied, and can be joined on line working together with various oil equipment , easy and convenient to mount and setting .
◆ Saving fuel oil, lessen economical cost .

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