ELCO-06 epoxy colored sand, colored stone (epoxy grindstone) floor

ELCO-06 epoxy colored sand, colored stone (epoxy grindstone) floor
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It can apply to the airport, shopping mall, exhibit hall, subway, electronic communications, health care , the senior entertainment and commercial buildings, food products factory, office and school lab, which need wear resistance, impact-resistance, highly decorative and non-slip.

Function and Features
Ø         The color can be allocated by your own that looks colorful and beautiful.
Ø         Its very clean without any connection traces.
Ø         It’s anti-wear and alkali-resistant, preventing the enzyme and bacteria.
Term of service: 15 years

Drying time
Dry the surface
Dry all
Shore hardness
Bonding strength(Mpa)
Compressive strength(Mpa)
Bending strength(Mpa)
Tensile strength(Mpa)
Resistance to wear(750g/500r,agravity,g)

Construction processing

1.       Surface blasting

2.       Brushing epoxy primer

3.       Laying the color quartz sand mortar

4.       Mechanical pressure light

5.       Painting the transparent topcoat coating

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